Facilitation Resources


Workshop Structure


Creating a Workshop: A 4-Step Guide to Making Engaging Workshops

Planning a Workshop: Organizing and Running a Successful Event

Ten Simple Rules for Running Interactive Workshops

Conducting a Workshop

Facilitation Guides


Facilitating Multicultural Groups: A Practical Guide

Creative Facilitation Manual: Using the Arts in Working With Groups

Facilitator Toolkit: A Guide For Helping Groups Get Results

Developing Facilitation Skills: A Handbook For Group Facilitators

Facilitation Toolkit: Practical Tools and Techniques For Facilitators

Icebreakers & Activities


Imagine: Introducing Your Child to the Arts

Creative Facilitation 2 Handbook

100 Ways to Energize Groups: Games to Use in Workshops, Meetings and the Community

Team Building and Icebreakers: Techniques For Success

Icebreakers, Energisers, Closings and Evaluation

Conflict in workshops


How to Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry

The Art in Peacemaking: A Guide to Integrating Conflict Resolution Education Into Youth Arts Programs

Workshop Strategies


Facilitating Equitably

ORID: Strategic Questioning That Gets You to a Decision

Ten Presentation Tips